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Refinement, simplicity, tradition, originality.


The origins

Fongaro Cesare di Fongaro Giorgio is a family-run company and is composed of the creator Cesare, father of Giorgio and Francesca, who followed him in his great passion for the artistic and artisanal working of stone and marble. Their specialization developed from training in the School of Arts and Crafts attended by Cesare. Giorgio, on the other hand, attended the drawing and practice course for marble workers organized by the “V.E. Marzotto ". While Francesca has an artistic diploma and graduated in "History and conservation of architectural and environmental heritage", with the thesis concerning the Loggia del Capitaniato, the result of historical research conducted with Howard Burns, one of the leading scholars of Andrea Palladio. The experience gained in more than fifty years of activity has allowed the company to achieve a particular ability to create original and artistic products.

marble processing
Unique pieces, destined to during over time

How we work

Pencil, traditional tools and machines, and above all the hands are the company's work tools. In fact, a studied and skilful touch is needed to obtain the different works from the stone. Exclusive artistic works that the company Fongaro Cesare di Fongaro Giorgio offers to the customer, thanks to the mastery acquired by each of the family members in their business: the site inspection, the design of the work to be performed, the choice of the material, stone cutting, carving, finishing, polishing and installation.

The great artisan passion

What do we do

Style frames, cooking fireplaces and modern fireplaces
Sacred art, figures, animals
Indoor-outdoor furniture
Drinking fountains, wells, vases, columns, tables, washbasins, buckets
Fireplaces of various types , sacred art , figures , animals , interior furnishings and exteriors are sculpted by the firm Fongaro Cesare di Fongaro Giorgio with great passion. Thanks to its traditional type of handwork, in fact, the freedom to create and propose pieces that are always unique and tailor-made, to develop ideas and work on commission is developed, paying great attention to the specific requests of the customer.
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marble bench

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